Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings

Together ensuring everyone has a home that is affordable, healthy and sustainable.

What is NEWHAB?

The Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB) is a network of people from all over the United States dedicated to a future where everyone has a good home, one that is permanently affordable, protects health, and contributes to climate and community resilience. NEWHAB is a community of peers that members tap into when they want to wrestle collaboratively on sustainable solutions to good housing from a people-centered perspective to solve local issues. We focus on root causes and intentional, leveraged action aimed at increasing the health of the overlapping systems that create housing and energy instability for people of color and underserved communities.

Membership is open to any individual who is actively engaged in amplifying community power, eradicating racism, and ensuring healthy, affordable, and sustainable housing for all. See who our members are.

NEWHAB hosts regular engagement opportunities, including training and learning exchanges and collaborative problem-solving sessions by and for members. Read more about our Initiatives.

NEWHAB members gather in-person and virtually to build deep, authentic relationships across fields of experience in order to learn from each other and collaboratively create new solutions to housing and utility insecurity. Learn what our Convenings have shared.

We continuously grow together while exploring the intersection of people, policy, and our homes, and keep a record of what we know, what we believe, and what we intend to change. Browse our knowledgebase.


Get to know NEWHAB

NEWHAB convenes people across fields of experience, together tearing down the false silos that separate people working on clean air, safe water, reliable energy, and quality homes; challenging the narrative that would distinguish between racial justice and

NEWHAB Annual Convening

Every year, hundreds of our members gather in person and virtually to build stronger relationships, learn from each other's latest work, and celebrate our successes together.

Unlike other professional conferences, NEWHAB lets me bring all of myself to the meeting.
- NEWHAB Member


Challenge Groups

Through Challenge Groups, NEWHAB members leapfrog beyond current knowledge and practices while deepening relationships and enhancing collaboration capacity. Each year, a new cycle of Challenge Groups is formed by NEWHAB members and self-organizes to focus on a shared challenge or question. The network offers support through providing access to experts, best practices, and other tools to make their jobs easier and more effective.

Featured Challenge Group


Resilience: Building community resilience to natural disasters and climate change. This challenge group comes out of an engaging break-out session at the 2019 Annual Convening in Los Angeles.

Curated Collections

NEWHAB Curated Collections are created by and for members to share what we learn across the network. Our members continuously grow together, and the collections reflect the leading edge of our knowledge, our beliefs, and our shared intent to build transformative solutions.

Building Electrification Snapshot (2021)

isaac sevier
Director for a Just Transition, NEWHAB

Building electrification means replacing an appliance or machine in the home that doesn’t use electricity - and might burn wood or burn fossil fuels - with a newer machine that only uses electricity. Here is a collection of tools, research, and media coverage.

Building Anti-racist Regulatory Processes

isaac sevier
Director for a Just Transition, NEWHAB

Exclusion is a form of racial violence. Using our experiences with regulatory process for water and energy utilities, we asked what we know about building more anti-racist regulatory processes for all utilities on the path to a Just Transition.