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NEWHAB is for anyone who cares about guaranteeing the right to a healthy, sustainable, and permanently affordable home for all. We are a group of individuals from all across the country, committed to advancing anti-racist practices and policies that will transform our energy, water, health, and housing systems. Whether you are a renter, a community organizer, a lawyer, an architect, an engineer, you can find a reason and an opportunity to grow with us. Learn more by reaching out to info@newhab.net or join us now.

Our Strategies

We practice our values through intentional screening of new relationship and network-building activities. All of our actions together seek to:

  1. Focus on and promote equity and restorative justice in content, initiatives, operations, and relationships, including aligned funders, related to energy, water, and health in housing.
  2. Support non-extractive partnerships and correct for past harms by seeking mutual gain and reducing burdens for impacted communities, defined as progressive, anti-racist, pro property-dweller, pro-environmental justice individuals and networks.
  3. Center and uplift the lived experiences of the people who have been most impacted, honoring and respecting the diversity of their experiences, knowledge, and expression.
  4. Embody NEWHAB’s collaborative culture and people-centered approach, including broad information and participation accessibility.
  5. Be responsive to member interests and emerging trends, ideas, and practices.
  6. Encourage member leadership.

Our Members

NEWHAB is made up of hundreds of engaged members from across the U.S. representing a balanced mix of perspectives and expertise, channeled toward a unified purpose. Membership is open to individuals — not organizations. Anyone who agrees with the relevance and purpose of NEWHAB are welcome to be members in the network, even if they switch employers or fields.

Our current membership includes efficiency program implementers, affordable housing owners and developers, community organizers, environmental and racial justice advocates, public agency officials, healthy home implementers, artists, contractors, residents and resident advocates, utilities, lenders, and philanthropic funders.

Our History

The idea of NEWHAB sprouted in 2014 as a partnership with the Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) project connecting 12 state coalitions across the United States. Originally the network was governed by the Energy Foundation - one of the original national partners supporting EEFA - together with independent staff and an Advisory Council appointed by EEFA partners.

In 2021, NEWHAB continued its evolution toward distributed leadership by confirming decision-making power in the democratically-elected Advisory Council and by explicitly counting on the wisdom of the membership to drive the network. Today we welcome all individuals working toward making affordable multifamily homes energy and water efficient, healthy, and sustainable.

Advisory Council

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