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NEWHAB Curated Collections are created by and for members to share what we learn across the network. Our members continuously grow together, and the collections reflect the leading edge of our knowledge, our beliefs, and our shared intent to build transformative solutions.

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Building Anti-racist Regulatory Processes

Exclusion is a form of racial violence. Using our experiences with regulatory process for water and energy utilities, we asked what we know about building more anti-racist regulatory processes for all utilities on the path to a Just Transition.

Equitable Building Electrification Snapshot (2020)

The idea of Equitable Building Electrification is like the idea of a Just Transition: it should be a set of principles, a process, and a practice. Policies should avoid harming renters and be a tool for increasing their economic power and well-being.

Building Electrification Snapshot (2021)

Building electrification means replacing an appliance or machine in the home that doesn’t use electricity - and might burn wood or burn fossil fuels - with a newer machine that only uses electricity. Here is a collection of tools, research, and media coverage.