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Through the Learning Lab, members can create or offer training for the network and receive training from the network. Our emphasis is on delivering sessions to encourage our growth as facilitative, creative, and adaptive leaders across multiple, disconnected silos.

We provide training to our members by sourcing learning opportunities from within our network where they already exist and providing financial support to the training creators.

When members seek learning that cannot be delivered from in-network members, we welcome recommendations that will strengthen our members’ local ecosystems to fill that gap.

How to Register

Current NEWHAB members can review the Learning Lab opportunities on our Events page. Be sure to watch our regular newsletter for announcements and registration details as new events are posted, or join us on Slack where these are posted in #announcements. Members can also sign up individually by e-mailing info@newhab.net.

Submit a Learning Lab Opportunity!

Project Goals

NEWHAB uses three tenets to guide the development of our Learning Lab Curriculum:

  1. We must eliminate policies and practices that enable structural racism and prevent many people from having clear air, safe water, reliable energy, and quality shelter.
  2. To bring about justice, we must support analysis and learning at personal, interpersonal, organizational, and systemic levels.
  3. The people closest to the problem hold the knowledge of how to best solve those problems, including within our membership. Our approach to learning must build our capacity to learn from one another and give in kind, not replicate extractive practices.
Photo by Rocky Kistner from NEWHAB

Photo by Rocky Kistner from NEWHAB

Project Activities

We approach learning with an emergence mindset, and would be interested in adapting our curriculum to what is being offered within the NEWHAB community. Please contact us if you have ideas that are outside of these themes!

Learning Lab Themes

Justice in Policymaking

  • Environmental Justice History and Present
  • Housing Justice History and Present
  • Advocacy for Pandemic Response in 2021 and Beyond
  • How to Build Just Relationships

Read a full description of this theme and its sessions here.

Seeing The Whole

  • The Labor Movement and Policy
  • Housing Affordability 101
  • Renter Perspectives and Activism
  • Facilitation, Imagination, and Transformation

Read a full description of this theme and its sessions here.

Designing Interventions

  • Community-based Leadership and Accountability
  • Democratizing Research Priorities, Pathways, and Outcomes

Read a full description of this theme and its sessions here.