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NEWHAB recognizes that we must eradicate racism across the systems that meet in our homes if we want to survive climate change. We believe structural racism—in the form of redlining, unequal investment, and institutional priorities—makes it impossible for many people to participate fully in our economy and thus enjoy clean air, safe water, reliable energy, and quality shelter.

To transform toward equitable and just systems, we must support analysis and learning at personal and systemic levels. Personal, because each of us as individuals is the source of ideas that collectively turn into movements. Systemic, because no single one of us can change entrenched laws, practices, and attitudes alone. We can’t undo 400+ years of colonization and white supremacy overnight.

For this transformation to be possible, new skills in addition to our content knowledge is required. Through the Learning Lab, members create and receive training that encourages their growth as facilitative, creative, and adaptive leaders across multiple, disconnected silos. Our focus is on becoming better practitioners of adaptive strategy who rely on and incorporate the leadership of people already experiencing the brunt of racist systems in underserved communities.

“The training builds in culturally relevant topics so you are actually learning multiple skills at once.”

Project Goals

  • Provide members with a critical learning space to develop transformative leadership skills.
  • Breakdown and democratize expertise silos (Affordable Housing, Energy, Water, Heath) and together advance equitable solutions to the converging housing and climate crises
  • Grow our capacities and skills for addressing racial injustice at the interpersonal and policy level
Photo by Rocky Kistner from NEWHAB

Photo by Rocky Kistner from NEWHAB

Project Activities

  • Actively developing and offering curriculum on emergence, facilitation, and racial equity
  • Supporting member-developed webinars, exchanges, and collaborations on current topics like COVID-19 response
  • Brave Conversations on Racial Equity: a conversation based learning series focused on topics relevant to the intersections of Racial Equity and Climate, Housing, Health, and Energy.
  • Facilitation Training and Coalition Development Series

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