isaac sevier

NEWHAB Director for a Just Transition

I want to solve:

Climate change cannot be successfully addressed without simultaneously addressing runaway income, wealth, and health inequality. It’s going to be hard and require organizing collective action to transform multiple systems concurrently to reduce inequality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Within NEWHAB, I want to support other members to develop their community-based process and strategies, build collective action with others across the network to follow the lead of frontline groups, and support the growth of just and equitable solutions at a national scale.

I want to collaborate with:

I’m on staff to be in service to all of NEWHAB’s members. As a network, we have adopted an Equity Manifesto, and I am always excited to join arms with members who need support for their questions, ideas, and needs when they are aligned with that lofty credo.

Fun Fact

My hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, lays claim to being “the center of the universe” which physicists and skeptics alike agree is not possible!

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